How To Create A Photography Listing With PhotoBooker

Family in field for PhotoBooker photo shoot

The balance between art and business can be a tricky line to walk, especially in the photography world. Whether you’re just starting your photography journey or you’ve been in the game, it’s important to have a strong online presence. Having a discoverable online photography listing will not only help you meet new clients, but it can also elevate the quality of your work in the eyes of your existing clients.

This is where PhotoBooker comes in. PhotoBooker is the easiest way to get discovered, booked, and paid in minutes. Today, we’ll be walking you through our best practices on setting up the ultimate PhotoBooker listing.

5 Quick and Easy Steps To Being Discovered


What’s your radius?


Clients will choose the location for their special moments and events. Location is key to starting to connect with them. Don’t worry about rushing between shoots, PhotoBooker provides you the appropriate time between photoshoots with clients so you never feel rushed to finish one shoot and make it to the next. #WeGotchu

Are You Available? 😉


You tell us when you’re available and we will get you booked. Everyone has a different schedule and PhotoBooker knows it.  So, we’re flexible! It’s easy to set your own hours and availability, as needed. We’re here to help with the scheduling so you (and the client) feel relaxed and can enjoy the experience. #StressLessShootMore.

Name Your Price


Price yourself how you see fit! We won’t tell you what to charge. PhotoBooker knows it’s the Photographer’s choice to price their time and their work. #YouAreInControl

Create a #WinningProfile


Clients are looking to get to know you, get them excited to work with you by creating a personalized introduction. Express who you are! How do you work with new clients? Make it fun and add a fun fact! Are you addicted to mocha cappuccinos?  ☕

**Quick tip** Mention your go-to camera or tools you prefer to work with. Clients like to know what you will show up with on the day of their shoot. 

Show Off Your Gorgeous Portfolio

Clients are looking for great images that move them. Once a client sees your portfolio, they will start picturing themselves in those moments and how you could capture their authenticity. So don’t be modest. Make sure you curate and display only your best work and show off up to 30 in each genre.

**Quick Tip** If you shoot it, they will come. So load up your profile with as many amazing genres as you can. The more genres you shoot, the more likely your profile will pop up while clients are searching and the more likely you’ll get booked! #ChaChing 🙌🙌

Now, sit back and relax!

Once your listing is live, you are all set to be discovered. PhotoBooker handles all the payments and reminders for you. You can focus on what you do best, taking great photos and capturing memories for your new clients.

Are you ready to be discovered by new clients, booked, and paid for your photography? Let’s go!