How to pick the Perfect Wedding Photo Package

How to pick the Perfect Wedding Photo Package

A great deal of planning and preparation goes into a wedding. Many couples spend months or even years getting everything just right for their special day. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to make careful decisions about the photographs. 


Wedding photos last a lifetime so how do you choose the perfect wedding photo package? Let’s take a look at what you should expect. 

What is Included in Most Wedding Photo Packages?


There are several things to consider when determining which wedding photo package works best for you. Think about where the photos are going to be taken and for how long you’ll have the photographer, whether he or she will work throughout the day or evening, and what you will receive once the big day has passed. 


In a nutshell, make sure the photo package includes quality pictures of the moments you want to be captured on film and that you receive the right selection of those photos when all is said and done.


In most cases, the photographer is present before the wedding, during the ceremony, and throughout at least a portion of the reception. Some people choose to add additional time or hire the photographer for more than one day if they want pictures from the rehearsal dinner or other events surrounding the wedding.


On average, wedding photographers provide about 50 to 100 photos per hour during your special day. This varies a great deal depending on your photographer, though, so make sure you ask in advance. It’s also important to remember that quality is more important than quantity. A dozen fantastic photos from your ceremony is better than four dozen blurry or misaligned photos that fail to capture the most important moments.


Some photographers offer editing in their packages but most charge extra because it’s time-consuming work. If you prefer photos that aren’t edited, they are usually much more affordable but can result in photos you aren’t happy with. In most cases, if you negotiate beforehand you can strike a happy medium that’s affordable and gets you a collection of great images from your day.


Finally, find out how you’ll receive your wedding photos. Will you receive a CD, DVD, or flash drive or will the photos be available online? Does your photographer offer prints? If so, how many? Do you get reproduction rights to the photos? Are they put into an album or another method of organization and storage? This might not seem very important now but you need to know what you can do with the photos after they are taken.

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What Types of Packages Can You Get?


Wedding photographers offer different types of packages, including:


Wedding photographers can shoot with digital or film cameras or a mix of both. Nowadays, digital is most common. It saves time and allows you to see your pictures soon after the big day. Digital cameras also work well in low lighting and allow the photographer to preview the picture immediately. This way, it can be re-snapped if the result isn’t great. Many photographers also claim that shooting in a digital format also allows them to push creative boundaries.



Another option for taking photos is to use film. Film photos tend to appear softer and more organic. Film is more traditional and results in great photos but it also takes more time and tends to be a lot more expensive. You will also have to wait longer for your photos when they are taken with film.


In addition to the type of camera the photographer uses, it’s also important to consider the style of your wedding photo package. Again, photographers might use more than one style but you need to know in advance so you’ll have some idea what to expect.


The Five Basic Styles of Wedding Photography



Classic images tend to be more formal. For years, when people thought of wedding photography, they thought of classic, posed images but this style can also include candid shots. If you love the idea of classic photos but you don’t want a dated wedding album, ask for a modern spin on classic pictures.



Artistic photos take traditional wedding photos and elevate them to something unique. This style allows the happy couple and the wedding party to get creative and have fun. It can also allow the photographer to take a bit of artistic license and create something that’s truly one-of-a-kind.



This style takes a photojournalistic approach to the wedding. It’s mostly candid and results in photos that are relaxed but that tell the story of the event.



This style incorporates photography techniques to create unique photos. Lighting is especially important for dramatic wedding photographs. It’s possible to include dramatic photos in your album without having the entire album be an avant-garde photo project.



A documentary style of shooting a wedding means you won’t end up with many posed or styled shots. Instead, your photographer captures candid moments throughout the day that include the people and special touches from your wedding. This style tends to be a favorite because it tells a story and emphasizes the details that were so important to the couple during wedding planning.

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What Should You Avoid When Choosing a Wedding Photo Package?


What you should avoid depends on what you want your wedding pictures to be once they are complete. If you choose a particular style of photography, avoid a photographer that specializes in a different style. Avoid packages that are too expensive or that don’t include what you want. For instance, if you want to be able to print as many pictures as you’d like after your wedding, make sure you choose a package that gives you the rights to do this. 


What is the Price Range for Wedding Photo Packages?


The price range for wedding photo packages varies a great deal based on who takes the photos, what you get as part of the package, and what you want to capture. Basically, the more demands you have, the more you’re going to pay. You can hire a wedding photographer for as little as a couple of hundred dollars to take a few pictures of your ceremony and reception or pay several thousand dollars for someone who will capture each and every moment in the style you desire.


Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Wedding Photo Package

Just like so many other aspects of your wedding when it comes to photo packages you have a lot of different options to consider. In the case of photo packages it’s best to start looking at photographers wedding portfolios and find examples that fit your wedding style. Then start narrowing down by price. Even if your top choices are too expensive you can always point to their work as examples of what you want for your wedding. This can help set expectations as you negotiate on price. At the end of the day having a few photos that become cherished memories is the most important thing.