How to create a photography portfolio for PhotoBooker

A photographer’s first visual impression is important when attracting any new potential client. Creating a portfolio filled with beautiful images that showcase a photographer’s style is the most important first step to connecting with new clients. Here are some helpful tips to implement for a stunning portfolio.

Showcase Your Strengths: 💪

What do you do well? Are you great at capturing emotion? Are you stellar at lighting photos? Make sure your portfolio showcases your strengths as a photographer and the photos you love to create.

Photo credit:  Darcy D.

Play to the Audience: 👀

Think about what your clients are going to hire you for. Is it a birthday? Family shoot? Senior graduation shoot? What images would they want taken at their special events or photoshoots? As you narrow down your selection for each genre, think about the person hiring you and what they hope to have captured. You might see how you’ll be able to increase bookings when you play to your audience. 

Variety is key: 🔑

Choose images that span from multiple different photo sessions so your future clients can see your work from various different clients.  Don’t forget to also choose images that contain various different poses.  While all photographers have their go-to poses they use with clients, make sure you’re showing your future clients a wide range of posing ideas!

Set Editing Expectations: 🗒️

Upload images that you’ve edited with ease. It’s important that your photography portfolio contains the images that truly show who you are as an everyday artist, including how you normally edit photos. Try not to add too many images to your portfolio that you’ve devoted hours of special edits on. While these images are important to a portfolio, it can set the wrong expectations for clients who may expect these special edits on their session.

Claim your Style: 🏷️

Develop and claim your photographic style and run with it.  When clients are viewing your portfolio, consistency is key.  Is your photography more dark and moody?  Or maybe you tend to shoot higher key photos that look more bright and airy.  Whatever your go-to style is, upload a portfolio that reflects this.  Remember, your potential clients are going to be shopping for a photographer that has imagery they love. So put your best foot forward with your best work on display to showcase your brand of photography. The more consistency your portfolio has the more you will book the right clients.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Less is More: 👍

We did the research, and having a minimum of 10 images in each genre is enough for a client to select and book you for a photo shoot. We allow you to show up to 20 images, but don’t feel pressured to show that many if you don’t have that many photos to display of your best work. #lessismore in this situation. Select your top photos for each genre and watch the new client bookings start rolling in!

Phone a Friend:👫

It’s easy to get attached to your images and have favorites. Obviously you are passionate about your work, so it’s important to get a quick #realitycheck from a good friend or fellow photographer. Once you have selected your photos, ask a friend or fellow photographer to give you honest feedback on the selection. This can help prevent you from overthinking your picks and help you to make the deciding vote on images you may be questioning whether to include. 

Photo credit: Armin R.

Edit for IMPACT: ⚡

When you think about impactful photos you have seen, what makes them memorable? Is it the emotion captured? The narrative the photos exude? Editing your portfolio to include the types of images that make this kind of impact will draw clients in and get them excited to work with you.  

Lead with #WinningPhotos:🏆

Photobooker gives you the power to select the order in which each photo is displayed for each genre. Select and show off your most eye catching #winningphotos that will make the best first impression to new clients. 

Keep it Fresh: 💐

Don’t forget to update your profile with your latest work. The more you shoot the more new images you will have to show off your developing style and set you apart from the next photographer. We recommend setting a six-month reminder to review, edit, and add new photographs to each genre in your profile.

Photo credit: Alexa F.

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